Fire Chief & Executive Council

RBFD Chiefs

The Office of the Chief is occupied by an elected, active member from one of the six Red Bank fire companies. The term is for one year in office, normally preceded by two years as Deputy Chief; first year as Second Deputy Chief and a second year as First Deputy Chief, respectively.

The Chiefs are elected each December from nominees presented by the fire company in turn for chief selection. The rotation among companies is in the following order:  Navesink Hook and Ladder, Independent Engine, Westside Hose, Liberty Hose, Union Hose and Relief Engine companies.

In the 1800s, the RBFD Chief was predominantly a member of the Navesink Hook and Ladder Company, with sporadic designations from Relief and Independent. The first Liberty Hose designated Chief did not occur until 1905. This same year, the position began its rotation among the fire companies with a typical two year tenure for each Chief, changing to a one year term in 1931. The first designated Chief out of Union Hose was in 1907 and for Westside Hose (the youngest company) it did not happen 1929. The currently established cyclical rotation among the companies began in 1925, which starts with Hook and Ladder and ends with Relief Engine company. 

RBFD Executive Council

The Executive Council consists of five member delegates from each of the six fire companies and the duly elected Chiefs of the Department. The Council meets once a month to conduct business and to make executive decisions and policy affecting the RBFD.

The RBFD Executive Council is established by law as per Borough Ordinance Code. The Council is thereby tasked with the responsibility for all administrative policies of the Red Bank Volunteer Fire Department.