Fire Police Company

The Red Bank Fire Police was organized in 1886 by James R. Wolcott. It was made up of three members from each fire company. In 1969, in order to strengthen the Fire Police organization, social members belonging to the fire department were allowed to join the fire patrol. Currently, the organization consists of five members from each fire company.

Fire Trucks History

The first fire patrol truck was purchased in 1947. It was a one and a half ton Ford truck equipped with 2 large flood lights, a gas generator for the lights, a deck gun and space for necessary equipment for the men. In 1965, a large and modern apparatus was purchased from GMC to replace the former Ford police truck.

Fire Police headquarters are located at the Union Hose Company building, on Shrewsbury Avenue. This facility currently provides housing for its members and the equipment required to perform their primary mission of securing and restricting access to fire scenes.

A modified 1989 Ford 350 XL Diesel is currently used by the Red Bank Fire Police to transport its personnel and equipment.