Liberty Hose


151 Spring Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Liberty Hose Company was organized February 11, 1880. The organization took place at a meeting hall on Mechanic Street. The first officers were Foreman Joseph Swannell, Assistant Foreman James Cooper, Secretary Stephen Allen and Treasurer Eben E Heisley. The first elected Red Bank Fire Chief from Liberty Hose Company was Edward Longstreet. Chief Longstreet occupied this position for two consecutive years, 1905 and 1906.

The company for several years met in the frame structure on Mechanic Street used by the Navesink Hook and Ladder Company. Later the Liberty Hose Company occupied the Davis Building at 20 White Street, jointly with the Independent Engine Company. On March 24, 1910, Liberty Hose Company moved to their current location at 40 White Street.

John M. Barberio, a member of Liberty Hose Company was killed February 20, 1945 in Iwojima. He was the only member of the Red Bank Fire Department lost to World War II.

Liberty Hose Company primary fire protection and life rescue responsibilities are within the Borough's northern section. From the Company's south border, includes most of Monmouth Street and it spans northward to the banks of the Navesink river. The Company covers from Rector Place at its western border spaning eastward to Broad Street and Wharf Avenue. This area contains a large portion of dowtown's business district or RiverCenter, boat marinas located around Marine Park, a number of highrises including at least two senior citizen housings, two large hotels (Molly Pitcher Inn and Oyster Point Hotel), and a number of single and multi-family residential homes.

Due to the large number of residents and the multiplicity of floors, the largest concern resides with highrises and hotels in the area, mostly located on Riverside Avenue and Bodman Place. On the other hand, these large structures have been fully equipped with sprinkler systems and other modern fire supresion/safety facilities.

Liberty Hose Company with Engine 94 protects the North-West section of the Borough. As all other companies, Liberty Hose Company members respond to all general alarms and working fires throughout Red Bank.

The pumper, Engine 94 (Monmouth County Engine 6477) currently in service supporting Liberty Hose Company firefighters, is a 1985 Seagrave 1,500 GPM pumper. The engine was the first seven man cab apparatus in Monmouth County, placed in service on October 31, 1985.

Engine 94 carries a 500 gallon booster tank, two front (left and right) preconnect 150-ft each 1-3/4 inch hose, and two rear (left and right) preconnect 250-ft each 2-1/2 inch hose. The engine is further equipped with:
  • A pack of 1,000 feet of 5 inch supply hose with 5 inch Humat valve.
  • It also packs 1,000 feet of 3 inch hose, 550 feet of 2-1/2 inch hose and 550 feet of 1-3/4 inch hose.
  • Portable deck gun.
  • One 24 foot extension ladder, a roof ladder and a Little Giant ladder.
  • A 10-foot pike poll, a 6-foot pike poll and a closet hook.
  • Seven 4,500 psi Scott Packs and seven reserve Scott air bottles.
  • Four 5-gallon drums of high expansion foam.