Navesink Hook & Ladder


7-9 Mechanic Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Previous to the organization of the Navesink Hook and Ladder Company of Red Bank the men of the town had formed a bucket brigade. The first man at a fire with his bucket was in control of the volunteer firefighters. Almost every man in the village had his private bucket which he kept handy in his house. When an alarm sounded, which was usually the ringing of a church bell, these men would run to the fire with their buckets, ready for duty. The village of Red Bank had grown sufficiently in size to demand fire protection and the Navesink Hook and Ladder Company was organized. On June 28, 1872 the committee appointed at the citizens meeting held at the Globe Hotel to organize a Hook, Ladder and Bucket Company for Red Bank met in the store of WT Corlies. The Navesink Hook, Ladder and Bucket company was declared to be the name of the company. On January 5, 1873 the word Bucket was erased from the bylaws so as to read Navesink Hook and Ladder Company. Navesink Hook and Ladder Company was incorporated March 13, 1873 and on July 2, 1873 the company met in their new room on Mechanic Street.

Charles E Applegate always held the post of honor when the two first fire apparatus were taken to Red Bank fires. They were pulled by ropes by scores of men and were steered by a pole which stuck out behind. Charles Applegate was the official steersman. After some years this equipment was abandoned for a combination hand drawn and horse apparatus.

This was used until 1911 when the company was supplied with a modern Hook and Ladder truck with extension ladders and rubber tires. In 1919, a motorized Hook and Ladder truck was bought for the Navesink Hook and Ladder Company. On May 30, 1935 the New truck, a 75 foot aerial truck, was accepted from American LaFrance.

On July 6, 1962, we received a new American LaFrance 100 foot aerial truck, designated Truck 91. In January 1964, the company purchased the Doremus building next to the fire house and put both trucks in service.

On Friday March 30, 1979 at 04:11 hours there was a disastrous fire which destroyed our main company firehouse at 7 Mechanic St. and Truck 91, 1962 American LaFrance was believed to be a total loss and a repowering overhaul was recommended. So on April 4, 1979 Truck 91A, 1935 American LaFrance aerial became the first due unit. In June 1980 the company held its first meeting back in the firehouse in bay 91A. Truck 91 was refurbished by American LaFrance and returned in November after an absence of over 18 months.

In 1987 a new 100 foot Seagrave aerial was received and designated Ladder 91. The refurbished 1962 American LaFrance became Truck 90. Currently, Truck 91A is taken out of storage for ceremonial occasions only.

In 1997, Navesink Hook and Ladder Company celebrated 125 years of service in Red Bank. As all other companies, it's active members respond to all general alarms and working fires throughout the Borough. Stationed on the east side of town but being the only Hook and Ladder Co. in the borough, it has no primary area coverage, responding to all sections of Red Bank. The primary responsibilities on the fire scene include search and recovery of victims, ventilation and overhaul of structures.

In March 2001 an American LaFrance aerial was commissioned as Tower Truck 90. The refurbished 1962 American LaFrance Truck 90 was retired from service. Tower 90 is a 2000 American LaFrance, with a 93 foot mid-mount aerial platform. It is equipped with a 4 inch water-way. It carries 169 feet of ground ladders, and a 15K Watt electrical generator for lights, fans and tools. The truck also carries numerous pieces of rescue equipment including air-bags, hydraulic jacks and saws. Tower 90 brings to Red Bank a more effective fire fighting power, while also increasing the safety of our volunteer firefighters. Tower 90 incorporates the latest technological advances for safe and efficient fire fighting. The truck meets all the current requirements established by OSHA and the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards.

Navesink Hook and Ladder Company station is located at 7-9 Mechanic Street, in a dual bay, two story firehouse. Company members own and operate the building and property.