Executive & Supporting Units

  1. Fire Cadet Program

    The RBFD Fire Cadet program functions under the oversight of the Executive Fire Council in coordination with the Explorer program of the Boy Scouts of America.

  2. Fire Chief & Executive Council

    The Office of the Chief is occupied by an elected, active member from one of the six Red Bank fire companies.

  3. Fire Police Company

    The Red Bank Fire Police was organized in 1886 by James R. Wolcott. It was made up of 3 members from each fire company.

  4. First Aid & Rescue Squad

    The Red Bank First Aid and Rescue Squad was organized on March 21, 1930, at a meeting held in Union Hose Company number 1.

  5. Ladies Auxiliary

    In the year 1950, representatives from the following Ladies Auxiliaries; Westside, Liberty, Independent, Hook and Ladder, and Relief met to form the Executive Council of the Red Bank Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.

  6. Scuba Rescue Team

    The Marine Division with its Scuba Diving Team is an integral part of Red Bank Fire Department rescue operations.