Rent Leveling Board


  • 7 p.m.
  • The 4th Thursday of every month
  • 90 Monmouth Street
    Court Room
    Red Bank, NJ 07701


NameTitleTerm EndsTerm Length
Inez NedrickMemberDecember 31, 20263-year term
Nicola BowersMemberDecember 31, 20243-year term
Scott HeckMemberDecember 31, 20253-year term
Gale SolerMemberDecember 31, 20263-year term
Debbie MarksMemberDecember 31, 20243-year term
Judy GiuntaAlternate No. 1December 31, 20253-year term
Kristen CollinsAlternate No. 2December 31, 20243-year term
Bonnie ThomasSecretaryNANA
Gene AnthonyAttorneyDecember 31, 20231-year term
Kristina BonatakisCouncil Liaison

Board Overview

The Red Bank Rent Leveling Board hears and decides issues between landlords and tenants involving the Rent Control Ordinance. Our meeting schedule is set at the beginning of each year.

Typical cases that the Board hears involve unfair rent increase complaints, reduction of service complaints, condo conversions, and landlord capital improvement or hardship requests.

If a building has three or more units, that building is subject to rent control.

If you have a question about tenant rights, rent control, or think you might like to file a complaint, please contact Bonnie Thomas, our board Secretary, or Gene Anthony, our board Attorney.