Animal Welfare Advisory Committee


The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee is a public awareness committee that involves citizens for the dissemination of information and notifications concerning animals and their care, maintenance, treatment, and well-being generally and during periods of natural disasters and emergency; to provide information to the general public concerning the enforcement of animal cruelty laws and animal safety regulations, as well as the care and treatment of wild animals in our community; and the establishment of assistance to pet owners regarding animal poison information, stray cats, licensing, injured and abandoned wildlife, hoarding, spaying and neutering information, dogfighting, animal adoption resources in the State of New Jersey, pet loss and bereavement, humane education, pet friendly housing, and the relation of animal welfare with Borough Ordinances.

The Committee's MISSION STATEMENT is as follows:

The Red Bank Animal Welfare Committee (RBAWC) was formed to provide recommendations to the Mayor and Borough Council to improve the living conditions of our domestic and wild animals, as well as advise on changes to ordinances and statutes pertaining to animals. We are committed to serving as advocates for the humane treatment of animals, while maintaining an awareness of the needs to protect and enhance the environment of our community. We partner with others to organize activities and initiatives to promote animal welfare and educate the community on responsible care and treatment of all animals.

Name Title Term Ends Term Length
Anna Cruz Member 12/31/2023 3-year
Angelica Aguirre Member 12/31/2023 3-year
Deborah Marks Member 12/31/2023 3-year
Pam Befarah Member 12/31/2025 3-year
TJ Moss Member 12/31/2025 3-year
Paul Proietto Member 12/31/2024 3-year
Suzanne Viscomi Member 12/31/2024 3-year
Alternate 1 Alternate 1 12/31/2023 2-year
Alternate 2 Alternate 2 12/31/2024  
Michael Ballard Council Liaison 12/31/2023 1-year