Redevelopment Agency

Mission Statement of the Red Bank Redevelopment Agency as adopted by unanimous vote of the Commissioners at an open public meeting held on July 23, 2019:

The Borough of Red Bank Redevelopment Agency shall have as its mission to bring to fruition the goals and objectives of the community as established through its elected officials for responsible and sustainable development and redevelopment that elevates the quality of life in and for all neighborhoods of Red Bank and serves to preserve the heritage and culture of the community. The Agency shall be dedicated to providing the organization and attention necessary for the community to develop and stay focused on said goals and objectives.

  1. Cherron Rountree

    Executive Director

  2. Pamela Borghi

    Phone: 732-530-2740

  3. Peter O'Reilly

    Phone: 732-530-2742

Name Title Term Ends Term Length
David Huber Member/Chair 12/31/2023 5 years
Jan Wouters Member 12/31/2023 5 years
Megan Massey Member 12/31/2022 5 years
Alpha Reynolds-Lewis Member 12/31/2021 5 years
Wilson Beebe Member 12/31/2021 5 years
Kathleen Horgan Member/Council 12/31/2021 1 year
Kate Triggiano Member/Council 12/31/2021 1 year
Ziad Shehady Executive Director 12/31/2020 1 year
Pamela Borghi Secretary 12/31/2020 1 year
Peter O'Reilly Treasurer 12/31/2020 1 year
Ronald Gordon Counsel 12/31/2020 1 year