Posted on: April 13, 2017

Red Bank Council reaffirms commitment to inclusiveness

Red Bank has a long tradition as a welcoming and diverse community. In 2007, the Borough adopted a resolution affirming their commitment to inclusion. At the request of the Borough’s Human Relations Advisory Committee, the Council considered an updated resolution at their April 12, 2017 regular meeting to reaffirm the Borough’s position. The 2017 resolution urges all members of the Community to be open, welcoming and inclusive regardless of where someone was born, what they look like, how they love or how they pray. Council members stressed that the resolution states that it is the obligation of the Federal Government to enforce the nation’s immigration law and that the Red Bank Police Department will comply with all Federal, State and Municipal laws. Copies of both the 2017 and 2007 resolutions are linked below.

2017 Inclusive Resolution

2007 Inclusive Resolution

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