First Aid & Rescue Squad

The Red Bank First Aid and Rescue Squad was organized on March 21, 1930, at a meeting held in Union Hose County Number 1. Thirteen men got together and donated $10 each, to purchase a used Meteor ambulance from Worden Funeral Home for $100. These thirteen men were, Raymond Brower, Walter Noble, Austin Boice, Lawrence Forgus, Henry Aldsworth, Gus Colmorgen, Edmund Crelin, Alfred Kubli, David MacIntosh, George Predmore, Frank Reuther, John Seville, and Garett Van Ness.

Other dedicated Red Bank residents joined in to provide volunteer services to the Town. One such man who served along with the original thirteen was the late Adrian "DeDe" Woodward, providing 55 years of service to the squad.

This 1st rig served from June 1930 through April 1932 when it could not be repaired anymore. Dr. Ernest Fahnestock, of Shrewsbury, had donated a used ambulance to the Borough of Red Bank, which was then used to replace the original Meteor rig. In 1937, the first new ambulance, a Henney Oldsmobile was purchased.

In 1948, the number of calls rose to over 200 per year compared to 89 calls for the first year. Two ambulances were now needed to attend to all these calls and a new Cadillac was purchased and used as the first response unit. The 1937 Oldsmobile was overhauled and used as the reserve rig. Both these rigs were replaced in 1952 and 1954 by Packards and an aluminum boat was purchased for water rescue work. By this time the number of calls had risen to over 800 per year.

Squad House

The squad was housed in Relief Engine Company's firehouse, on Drummond Place. As the Squad's activities increased, these quarters became too small for effective operations. In 1959, construction of new quarters were completed, at the present home of the Squad, on Spring Street.

The facilities house 2 fully equipped ambulances, a rescue truck, a two boat trailer and other associated equipment necessary for first aid and rescue operations. The Squad now responds to over 1,200 calls per year. The building is also equipped with an emergency generator and it may serve as an emergency hospital or shelter.

The Squad has served at many major disasters in the area, Namely; the Morro Castle ship fire, the Hindenburg explosion, the NAD Earl ship explosion, the South Amboy explosion and the Woodbridge train wreck.

The Squad, as a unit of the Red Bank Fire Department, participates in Department drills and answers all fire calls. It also participates in regular disaster drills in conjunction with local hospitals and the First Aid Association. The Squad is a member of the New Jersey State First Aid Council and holds charter membership in the Monmouth County Association of the First Aid Squads and the International Rescue and First Aid Association.