Ladies Auxiliary

In the year 1950, representatives from the following Ladies Auxiliaries; Westside, Liberty, Independent, Hook and Ladder, and Relief met to form the Executive Council of the Red Bank Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. The organization's purpose was to be ready to assist the men of the Fire Department in whatever way they were needed, and to guide and coordinate the activities of the Ladies Auxiliaries. Mrs. Jacob Bloom, of Liberty Hose Company, served as the first president of the Council, in 1950.

On May 26, 1954, the Union Hose Auxiliary was organized and sent representatives to the council, which made a total of six companies in the Council. For the past twenty-two years the Council has met with representatives from three members of each Auxiliary. They have participated in many parades, worked in fairs, regattas and wet downs, served refreshments at the Halloween parades, and coffee and food at most of the major fires.

In the late 20's, an organization called the "Big" Auxiliary with members of the then existing auxiliaries was organized. It was not conducted as the Executive Council is today. Its main purpose was for participating in parades. The uniform worn at that time was a white dress with a yellow and white cape and a matching cap. The "Big" Auxiliary was eventually disbanded. Following, is a brief history of each fire company's Ladies Auxiliary organization.

Westside: Between 1915 and 1920, a group of wives, of charter members of the Westside Hose Company met to form an Auxiliary. The early records are not available, but Mrs. James Hunter, who joined in 1918, and Mrs. Harold Hendrickson in 1922, have given names of some of the first members: Mrs. Charles Dupler, Mrs. Gustave Ornberg, Mrs. John Oaks, Sr. and Mrs. Charles Scott (then Mary Oaks). Mrs. Dupler may have been the first President.

Hook and Ladder: This Auxiliary was started by a group of wives of members of that company, in June 1947. Mrs. Muriel Minery (William) held the first meeting at her home. Mrs. Louise Brasch was elected as the first President. In 1997, was the 50th Anniversary of this organization.

Relief: Relief Auxiliary was started on September 20, 1949. Mrs. Frank Wisseman was elected as the first President, serving with her that year were Mrs. Earl Stout as VP, Mrs. Chadwick Hendrickson as Secretary, and Mrs. Paul Albrecht as Treasurer.

Independent: Independent Ladies Auxiliary was organized in December 1946 with six wives of members of Independent present. The first regular meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Calvin Carhart on Mechanic Street. At this time officers were elected. Mrs. C. Gordon Wilson was elected President.

Liberty: The Ladies Auxiliary of Liberty Hose organized in January 1946. Miss Catherine Bray sent meeting cards asking members to join. Mrs. Joseph Roswell was the unit's first President. Serving with her were Mrs. Samuel Scalzo as VP, Mrs. Clade Borchardt as Secretary and Mrs. Jennie Scillano as Treasurer. In 1946, the Auxiliary entered a float in the annual 4th of July parade. Mrs. Bruno Mazza portrayed Betsy Ross.

Union: The Union Hose Ladies Auxiliary was formed in May 26, 1954. Serving as its first President was Mrs. Joseph Funderburke, also Mrs. Franklin White as VP, Mrs. Edward Gelso as Secretary and Mrs. Joseph Costa as Treasurer.

In early 1999, members of the Ladies Auxiliary in Executive Council meeting had proposed and elected to join in a single Auxiliary organization. The reorganization, into a single Red Bank Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, took place on January 2000.