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Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor HPC Guidelines

Mixed Use/Commercial & Residential. The character of the Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor is a busy, walkable neighborhood of mixed residential and commercial residents. Many Residents do not drive and it is important to maintain pedestrian access in both character and practicality.  Every effort should be made to retain the original building, with the objective being one of adaptive reuse.
 HPC Adaptive Reuse Example

Former Single Family Residential converted to Commercial. Original house/building is retained. Existing front porch is enclosed or porch is added for storefront, entryway, or additional commercial space.  Materials should reflect that which exists on the original building.  Other recommended materials are brick, painted brick, wood or synthetic exterior "wood-look" siding.  Stucco or split-face block should be avoided/not considered.  Windows-  Street level windows should be clear, non-reflective (not mirrored) glass.  Signage- As of the eclectic character of Shrewsbury Avenue, signage should be individual and reflective of the business.
HPC Single Family converted to residential HPC Single Family converted to residential with sinage

Commercial Buildings. Existing commercial buildings on the Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor are simple one, two, or three, story brick face of the industrial, Italianate architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century.  New building design should be reflective of that time period and in keeping with the character of the Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor.

Original architecture, brick facade, and decorative external elements should be retained, restored, and not covered. Painting of these features is encouraged to maintain them.  Stucco or split-face block should not be considered.

Exposing and restoration of original building facades and details is strongly encouraged. Windows- street level windows should be non-reflective, clear glass is preferred to allow for pedestrian-friendly "window shopping".  Signage- As with the eclectic character of Shrewsbury Avenue, signage should be individual and reflective of the business.  This has been nicely accomplished by post & arm signs, hanging shingle, or wooden free-standing, all of which are preferred.  Paint colors should be in keeping with or reflective of the character of Shrewsbury Avenue Corridor.  Natural brick is preferred, but painted brick (especially to maintain) is acceptable.
      HPC Commercial Building Example 2                    HPC Commercial Building Example
HPC Commercial Building Example Color