About Us

The Red Bank Environmental Commission (RBEC) was established by ordinance in 1990 and is comprised of volunteer Red Bank residents appointed by the mayor and is consistent with NJ state laws creating environmental commissions.

RBEC advises the mayor, Borough Council, borough administrator, and municipal department heads on environmental issues that may affect the natural resources and inhabitants of the community, including but not limited to solid waste management and recycling, energy conservation and renewable energy, storm water management, preservation and use of parks and open spaces, clean water water resources, and protection of flora, fauna, soil and landscape throughout the borough. Additionally, the commission reviews and comments on the development applications for the Red Bank’s Planning and Zoning Boards.

RBEC is committed to sustainability in the community and continues to develop and implement programs that will conserve energy, preserve natural resources and property, improve the health and well being of our citizens and municipal employees, and produce long-term cost savings. In 2017, the commission created a Green Team and Creative Team to assist with our sustainable efforts. We continue to collaborate with the borough departments, boards, commissions and committees for a more sustainable future for all of our residents.

Since 2009, RBEC has participated in the Sustainable Jersey program and has maintained its bronze status for the last four years. Red Bank is a signatory to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The commission is a member of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC).

Team Member Title Term Ends Term Length
Nancy Facey-Blackwood Member 12/31/2024 3-year term
Roy Meyer Member 12/31/2023 3-year term
Kristina Bonotakis Member 12/31/2024 3-year term
Denelle Johnson Member 12/31/2022 3-year term
Travers Martin Member 12/31/2022 3-year term
Paulo Rodriquez Heyman Member 12/31/2023 3-year-term
Jenna Leder Member 12/31/2024 3-year term
Dave Johnson Alternate #1 12/31/2022 Unexpired Term
Ana Almerini Alternate #2 12/31/2023 Unexpired Term
Kate Triggiano Council Rep 12/31/2022 1-year term


Creative Team

Green Team