Birth Records

Birth records are available to the subject of the record, either of the subject's parents, spouse, adult siblings, adult children and adult grandchildren as well as their legal guardian or legal representative. All relationships must be proven with certified copies of the appropriate record. Requests for birth records must include:
  • Full name of child on the record
  • Exact Date of Birth
  • Full name of Father as it appears on the record
  • Full maiden name of the Mother as it appears on the record
  • Number of copies requested
  • $15 for each copy ordered
  • Copies of acceptable identification
Please note:  Certified copies of birth certificates issued before the mid to late 1990s on small yellow paper are no longer accepted by most agencies including the US Passport Agency and most Motor Vehicle agencies.  A new certified copy should be requested.  The copies issued today include much more information including the names of the parents on the record and the time of birth.  A certified copy can be ordered by submitting the form below with a copy of a valid photo driver's license and $15 each for the copies ordered.  

Vital Record Application