Construction Board of Appeals


  • 4 p.m.
  • Municipal Building
    90 Monmouth Street
    1st Floor Council Chambers
    Red Bank, NJ 07701
  • Telephone: 732-530-2752
Please take notice that the meeting dates have been reserved to convene hearings on appeals to the Red Bank Construction Board of Appeals.


Name Title Term Ends Term Length
Howard Odell Plumbing Sub-Code 12/31/2019 4-year term
Vacant Alternate Plumbing Sub-Code 12/31/2018 4-year term
George Selah Electric Sub-Code 12/31/2019 4-year term
Donald Clare Alternate Electric Sub-Code 12/31/2021 4-year term
Michael Monroe Architect/Building Sub-Code 12/31/2020 4-year term
Cary Costa Alternate Building Sub-Code 12/31/2018 4-year term
Joseph Mirarchi Certified Fire Official 12/31/2019 4-year term
Kevin Hayes Alternate Certified Fire Official 12/31/2020 4-year term
Fred Migliaccio Fire Protection Sub-Code 12/31/2019 4-year term
Richard Hogan Alternate Fire Protection Sub-Code 12/31/2021 4-year term
Dina Anastasio Secretary 12/31/2018 1-Year term
Lawrence Luttrell Attorney 12/31/2018 1-Year term